Monday, September 13, 2010


I haven't been alone in three weeks. I have shared hotel rooms with my parents, I spent eight hours with an eighty-five pound dog in my lap. I've been speaking in plurals for almost a month. I live by myself, I spend quite a bit of time alone. I go places with me. Me and my shadow go out to eat.  Me , myself and I watch TV in the evening,. I read books by myself. I am alone but I am never lonely. My life has become a 24 hour group activity.

 I don't spend a lot of time thinking about privacy but spend a few weeks sharing space with other people makes you think about it quite a lot. Lust for it. I've been sharing a bathroom for three weeks. Sharing a bathroom where flushing, due to antiquated plumbing is a mother-may-I question  a question that involves drain fields and septic systems and  other things that 21 Century people should only read about in books. History books.

Not a surprise, it took me very little time to learn the location of every public restroom in Marquette County.  I have much more respect for city sewer systems than ever before! I'm all for them, who knew they were something that was a mere option, you can live in the past or choose to live in the now. I think they should be legally required to choose "now" - I would not be insulted by jack booted thugs coming in and forcing them on one and all of us, personal choice and indivugual freedoms be damned. It is interesting to note however that 21 century airplaines bathrooms are  nothing more than outhoused in the sky. Because I know from outhouses.

 But now, at home, alone in my house, by myself I am going to walk naked through the living room, I am going to flush the toilet every time I walk past the bathroom. I am going to eat dinner when I'm hungry.

I had a wonderful time though and it ended much too soon and I want to go back. It was 60 degrees and raining when I left and I understand it has not improved and only gotten less lovely and more windy and even colder since then and I still would much rather be there than here. I would share a bathroom forever and live on other peoples schedules for the rest of my life if I could stay there.

But I couldn't, I had to come back. Stupid job.

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