Friday, September 24, 2010


Oh look, its Friday. Finally.

Its been a tough week, first off, I it is becoming clear I won't be going on vacation for another year and I find that deeply regrettable. Also, its now officially Autumn but the leaves are still green and in the trees and I'm still hot and I have no desire whatsoever to sit in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate. I also find this deeply regrettable.

It is also too hot to watch football. It needs to be less hot to comfortably watch football, I want a sweater on and the leaves to be falling. I don't require a post season parka because no one really likes the weather then, but its just not as fun to  watch when its not cold out. It feels like cheating to spend the time watching a game inside when you could be outside doing something while you still can.

Speaking of post season, we're coming up on October and the Rangers are still playing and not still being beaten to death three times a week, they are winning and not by accident or a series of bad calls or because the rest of the league is fat  or coming off drugs or dating a Kardashian- they learned how to play baseball!  That most of been one hell of an off season, to teach the Rangers how to play baseball.

The Rangers are famous for going out on the  field and trying to get a game of cricket going or maybe field hockey, maybe throw the Frisbee around - certainly not baseball. And most certainly not winning. They have been winning all season. Its unnatural, everyone got so excited about the Cubs a few years ago, was it the Cubs? I so don't really care about baseball, but  if the Rangers do anything, its would be miraculous, it would be epic, far, far, far more cataclysmic that anything  the Cubs could ever do, good bad or indifferent.

The Cubs may lose and they may lose a lot but they don't lose with the total dedication to failure, the precision lack of talent, the desire to play the game very poorly and to do the worst possible job that the Rangers have embraced for decades.  The Cubs may have the heart but the Rangers have the heart disease. No one wants to lose as badly as the Rangers.

And yet. They were touched by the Hand of Nolan and now they can not lose. They want to lose, they need to lose - but they just can't pull a good string of losses off. They must go back to the field house or the dressing room or wherever baseball players go and just wonder what the hell happened to them. Harry Potter may think he's some kind of magic superman but he doesn't hold a candle to whatever spell  Nolan Ryan cast on that team.

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