Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was a very bad girl. I came home, fed the dog, fed myself, rested my eyes briefly - it was then I had a vision, a vision of  ice cream.

While on vacation, amid all  the hiking and healthy eating,  there was ice cream. Often. It seems the colder it is or on the other hand, the more time you spend without air conditioning, the more you  don't buy the ice cream from the nice people and their quaint store... Well, lets just say next summer the quaintness quotient will have gone down and you won't be able to buy those dusty postcards either and it will be all your fault . Buy the ice cream, save the state economy.

There are no ice cream stores near me. Quaint or otherwise. There is a store I can buy a milk shake but a bullet proof vest is actually part of the uniform there bullet proof material does not come in quaint. I also didn't want a milk shake because everyone knows milk shakes are bad for you, much, much more bad for you than an ice cream cone. Much, much worse, they probably cause cancer and give you bad dreams.

I wanted an ice cream cone . I could have gone to the grocery and bought a small tub but the single serve tubs are expensive, which I think does double duty and lets them claim to be low in calories because 1) they are genuinely verysmall and 2) they are so expensive you can't in good conscious buy them. What you don't eat does not make you fatter, ta da! Low in caleries!

And I didn't want to get in the car. Driving is not good exercise. I decided to  settle for the milk shake while I was walking Doggers walk, thus working off some of the evil but Dogger did not want to go to the ice cream place. Dogger wanted to go home - The last time Dogger refused to go the ice cream place I  semi-witnessed a police chase and a hit and run - Not pretty and while I was talking to the cops my ice cream melted. Dogger is a smart dog.

No such unluck  this time but they ground my add in too much and it was more like sand. I miss the beach but not so much I want it in my milk shake.

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