Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fa, la, la

The other day I disappointed myself by not only looking at forbidden pre-season Christmas stuff but  then buying forbidden pre-season Christmas stuff. I bought forbidden, pre-season cards. You have to, forbidden or not because the retailers never restock and once the cute cards are gone in like October the cute cards are gone. Learn to love the Currier and Ives and dogs in costumes and blond, protestant Marys'. Again

It turns out those cards were an entry-way Christmas drug. This weekend I also decided to decide on the image for my own cards - not entirely a bad thing, the earlier I know what I want the faster I can jump on a deal from one of the online outlets and get them ordered and in route so I can get serious about the card frames for them ( never available before mid-November!) and then get them  put together and signed and  out. I have an idea what I want this year frame -wise  but I'm pretty sure I through away the catalog I saw the perfect frame in because it arrived in mid-August and I was aghast. Target is usually has a great selection but the boycott is preventing me from shopping there - No, the boycott isn't preventing me from shopping there, Targets'  corporate right wing, homophobic, tea party political giving is preventing me from shopping there. Humph.

Anyway. I can rationalize my cards because I did something worse than cards... I bought lights! I know! I know! Bad, bad Diana! But they were so cute and last year I got all judgemental about the timing of Christmas stuff shopping and I didn't buy them and when I arbitrarily decided it was finally okay to buy Christmas stuff the Christmas stuff I wanted last September were long gone. I was not going to get burned again. I saw the cute lights and I bought the cute lights. Go to hell.

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