Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yay Me

I did something Monday night I haven't done since last May : I watched a first run network prime-time scripted drama! House is in the house!

The fact I watched a network during prime-time is a big deal. Last spring after my shows finished up I switched to HGTV and fired up the Tivo and never looked back, I've spent the summer watching 20 year old Law and Order reruns and home improvement shows - most of them not new. It hasn't been a complete waste though,  Food Network and the Travel Channel have kept me alert and awake with first run episodes of No Reservations and Ace of Cakes . I have to admit to some weakness though, I did watch two episodes of  that Heidi Klum clothes designer show, which I believe I get  points for not knowing the title of.

Tomorrow according to my Tivo, I have Detroit 1-8-7 to look forward to, but Wednesday is a big zero, however Thursday I hit the mother load with Community and 30 Rock and Bones and Outsourced as well as a new Ace of Cakes. Friday is shockingly empty with the exception of The Soup. SNL comes back at some point soonish.

And I turned the heat up on my Netflix list and am expecting The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo in Swedish with I hope subtitles. The next Harry Potter movie opens November 18th.

While I was on vacation, I did not have a TV. I read instead and went with my Mom to see Nanny McFee II. Here is a self congratulatory list of the books I read.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, The Closers (detective thriller), Farm City, Star Island, Animal Tracks of the Great Lakes, The Joy of Raising Chickens, Cooking Dirty, Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff.

 Tried and failed: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding  and Wigfield

Bought there  and as yet unread: The Clumsiest People in The World, The Body Droppers, Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

Birthday Gifts, as yet  unread Dirty Jobs, Anansi Boys . The added plus of birthday books being that I can turn the pages down and no one can say a damn thing about it because they are MY books. I folded the pages over on Star Island with great glee.

I can't help thinking that I am forgetting one or two, we went to the library right off and I really think I checked something out and read it immediately and the returned it and now I can't remember. I'm listing these to rimind all us that despite my TV watching habit, I can  and do read.

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