Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, Monday

I should go on vacation more often. On you average Saturday I stay in bed until I get hungry for lunch and it pretty much goes down hill from there - this Saturday, I was out of bed before 9am, I stripped the bed, got the rest of the laundry separated and started a load, then I went to the store and got what I needed for my Sunday dinner.

I came home and watched some Tivo. I deserved the rest. And then I went shopping. I spent like a drunk, wealthy sailor while I was away and its a hard habit to break. In  my defence I went shopping at Ross and TJ Maxx. I should have skipped Ross though, it was a mess and it was depressing. Its depressing enough that Ross is somewhere I go to shop. When I wasn't boycotting Target, that's where I went to spurge. But it sucks even more when it is a depressing mess.

I didn't buy anything I was so depressed. Do you know how awful a discount store has to be before I won't buy something there? Usually depressing is a good sign because it means that the merch will be even cheaper than at a similarly themed less depressing retail outlet - It was so bad I couldn't even find anything cheap that I wanted - everything was cheap but also gross. I don't mind cheap but I have problems with gross.

Onto TJ Maxx. What a nice store! It doesn't smell like bleach or poor people and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and I almost bought noodles in primary colors. Ross didn't even have noodles in noodle colors.

Post shopping therapy, I came home and met my parents who brought back my little animals!!!!

Dogger is at this very moment having a dream about wading in the lake and strolling on the beach. She is going to be very disappointed when she wakes up. I've taken her on a few walks since she came home and she seems hopeful that any minute we're going to turn a corner and the beach is just going to appear, we're going to walk between some trees and there it will be.

She woke up and seemed depressed. She just sort of squinted and looked around and and groaned and went back to sleep. I hate to have to keep breaking it to her, but there is no beach and the only way she's going wading is if one of the three storms out in the water decide to come ashore - I do have a lot of sand in my sneakers and maybe if she gets really sad I'll dump some out and let her walk through it .

Dogger went back to sleep and is dreaming again and this time she's "talking" in her sleep.

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