Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stressing over the dog

Someone, possibly but not limited to , Rocket ate Kitty's' Cat Dancer.

I heard a bell and found it in Rocket's mouth. I was glad he didn't eat it but was sad it wasn't still with the toy. After an investigation, I found it, in three pieces! I can't blame Rocket entirely for this disaster, because the toy has lived upstairs since Kitty got it for Christmas and it was safe and  not used as a chew toy by the dog.

Kitty had been carrying it around up stairs - on and off the bed, around and around on the floor at 3am and he most of decided that having seen all there was to see up there that  the toy needed to see more of the house.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I feel bad for Ace! He hasn't really played with toys since he was a baby kitty and all of a sudden he was all excited by something that wasn't food. I'm going to have to get him a new one and hope he thinks the new one is as fun as his old one.

I think the cat is looking for his toy now, or really, I think he is hoping that the empty stick I put on the stairs is somehow going to heal itself and morph back into his little friend. I watched him pouting over his toy and decided to surprised him with a "new" toy, I wadded up a piece of newspaper and pitched it across the room - something he used to get really excited about : Total bust! He didn't flick as much as a whisker! When he was a wee kitty that was the best toy ever and he would bat it around the floor and play chase with it and just have the best time, sadly, now its just another thing for the dog to chew on .


Wednesday is our last pre-agilty class! I'm hoping Rocket will do well in our graduation class and start Beginning Agility on a high note. I'm afraid he's going to not be into it suddenly and won't want to do it any more. I'm worried! I set up  DIY weave poles in the yard and he was not impressed. This concerns me as he has no problem with the home made jump or borrowed hoop. Hopefully he is just a  snob and prefers the pricey store bought version he has played with in class.

He starts real agility next week whether he likes it or not.

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