Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Change of plans

Well, as it turns out, our first class was canceled. Its for the best, the prereq pre-agility class doesn't'
 officially end until Wednesday and its probably nicer to graduate from one class before officially starting another but I was totally willing to jump the gun and now I have to wait another week. It gives me more time to worry about his and my performance.

On the other hand, starting next week means that Rocket will be able to attend class with the benefit of first spending the day in daycare. I'm not sure what kind of a student he would be or if he could pay attention at all  if he went to class with no walk or exercise  beforehand at all and then add in spending the day napping. I imagine it would not be a great time for anyone.

I've learned over time (within days of bringing him home!)  that a well exercised Rocket is a significantly better behaved Rocket. He's calmer, easier to manage, not as prone to getting into trouble and a lot nicer to be around when he has less energy to burn. The more fatigued he is the better a dog he is, sad but true. But I think that's true of just about any dog. The saying is a good dog is a  tired dog, a better dog is an exhausted  dog and the best dog is a dog that is asleep.

When I have him out and about I hear over and over how calm and personable he is, that he's not as high strung and skittish as some weims are. I credit this to obedience training, intense early socialization and a lot of exercise. I also believe that Rockets' outlook on the world is healthy because in it all people and dogs are good and they have always been kind to him. I think that makes a big difference to how he sees the world and how he reacts to people and other dogs.

Daycare is expensive and so was obedience and CGC class, but thanks to that exposure and learning, he is comfortable around other dogs  and people and enjoys their company. Daycare leaves him exhausted but its also a chance for him to be around people who aren't me and in a situation that I am not present at all. Its good for both of us.

And of course, I am now knocking wood.

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