Monday, March 24, 2014

Its always going to be winter.

Saturday was glorious, like  the end of may came to visit in the middle of March. The dog and I spent all day outside and and enjoyed every minute of it. And then it was Sunday. It started as cool and damp and ended up cold and wet. We still spent time outside but we didn't enjoy a minute of it.

I  did enjoy getting four pork tenderloins at Food Lion for $4.50 each, total.  They aren't enormous cuts of meat but they are tenderloins and how much meat do I need anyway? These will be several meals each and I am excited about my good fortune. I went to the store to get carrots and pick up what will be known into the future as The Dog's  Agility Water Jug ( AKA a gallon of water that will live in the car, there is no water available at the class site, which seems like poor planning to me, its a  brand new facility) and ended up with a great deal on pork.

Rocket starts real Agility Monday night, well he starts Beginner level Real Agility and I am psyched. We haven't officially graduated from pre-Agility yet, be we will Wednesday evening, so two longish, evening car rides for us this week and lots of agility! I was a little surprised that he will be attending the first class session with me, in the three classes I've taken at the dog school, the first class is a dog-free session. Rocket will also be there without the benefit of spending the day in daycare so I'm not sure how he is going to be. I have tried very hard to wear him out this weekend so that hopefully he will want to spend Monday sleeping it off. I know I am going to wish I could spend Monday sleeping off keeping him busy all weekend.

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