Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He is what he eats

I noted as I fed the dog this evening that in the morning there would be nothing to fed the dog. I had sworn this morning when I was also feeding the dog that it seemed like there was plenty of food for a couple of more meals at least... and there was, two more meals and a least, which isn't a full meal. My poor hungry dog! I couldn't have this at all!

I had decided that when his current food ran out, which had seemed like something that wasn't going to happen until the far off future, I had planned to fed him a new brand of food from Tractor Supply and had found that Dog Food Adviser liked it quite a bit. And it was not hugely expensive, usually more The Dog Food Adviser likes a food the more expensive it is.

I checked online and found that Tractor Supply is open until 8pm, it was now 7:30pm and the computer told me it should take seventeen minutes to get there.  I set off knowing I would get there in time. I set off not knowing I was going to hit every single red light between my place and the Tractor Supply.

I got to the store at 7:55. I bound into the store and was faced with the largest selection of pet found I've ever seen outside a boutique pet food store. I then could not find at Tractor Supply, Tractor Supply's' dog food.  I asked for help and  finally found it but not the 4Health Performance Formula Adult
 4.5 stars (out of 5!) that I read about online! All I could find was the 3.5 star variety. This did not make me happy. It is grain-free and was judged to be "Above average" which made me a little happy, bu not as happy as I would have been with the 4.5 star kind I wanted. For 5 star you mortgage the dog to buy it, so 4.5 stars and less than $40 a bag sounds like a winner to me after spending a fortune on dog food over the past nineteen months.

I bought what they had because the dog needs food and 3.5 is better than a lot of what is out there and even thirty pounds won't last him forever. The woman at the register told me to call them in the morning and ask if they would order the 4.5 star food for me,  it shouldn't be an issue because when I went online it said the store did actually have it in stock. So, lesson learned. The best idea is to go to the store when they are going to be open for more than just five more minutes and have the time to go search the stock room and not when they are having to unlock the door to let you out.

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