Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Past Lives.

I just learned the other day that a woman I haven't spoken to in eleventy-million years is getting married. Of course I immediately decided that I must send this person I haven't spoken to in eleventy million years, a wedding gift because she is totally expecting one from me. What better way to reintroduce yourself after eleventy million years than to send a wedding gift! "Hi! you friended me on Facebook but eleventy million years ago we were undergrads together and you were banging a sociopath neither of us is friends with anymore and I genuinely was a bitch to you for a long time because you were banging a sociopath and he told me it was okay to be a bitch to you because he was a sociopath and I was stooopid, but lets not talk about that". Howya doing?!"

My first thought was to contact an artist friend, but sadly, artist friend is priced way, way out of my budget anymore and was unable to cut me a break, so then I thought about a local artist whose work I admire.... because since I haven't spoken to my old friend in eleventy-million years that of course she and her fiance' want unrequested art.

ANYWAY. I then thought about the local artist and then I thought to myself that if my old pal the artist couldn't cut me a break on price, that an artist I'm not actually friends with would certainly not be able to help a patron out.

And so I said, I don't need professional artists!. I take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. I should be able to find something in that great cyber pile of pictures that might be appropriate... And then I looked through that pile. This  was harder than you might imagine, also I have a lot of pictures of my dog. A lot.

It also got clear that this computer is very, very new and doesn't have a lot of shots on it, so I really need to boot up the old sad computer and see what is on there to choose from. So instead of going through that unhappiness, I looked through what I had on New Computer to see if there was anything this woman and her fiance might like.

My old friend is an RN, her fiance has a beard and looks, male . That is what I know about these people. And they go to candle light vigils. I'm going to print a few interesting shots out and send them inside a Happy Wedding or Happy Engagement card. "Hi! You haven't heard from me in eleventy-million years! Here, have some pictures I took. Yay!" . Its better than nothing.

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