Monday, March 10, 2014

Work and Play

I got a lot done this weekend. I achieved a lot of sleep on Saturday and later I took Rocket to Dix to play work out on the agility tools. He did really well and still remembers how to do his long jump and climb a ladder. Then we played ball for a while because he was good and he hadn't had a walk in two days and he needed to ( I needed him to) to run.

And he did. Later, I took him for a walk because it was too pretty and warm to spend too much time inside. He was a very tired guy after all that. Good. I also washed all of Rockets clothes as well as his leash and collar. This has everything to do with the fact he won't let me bath him.  His collar looks much better now.

Sunday, I most certainly did not forget about the time change. I think that clocks and such should just keep track of these things for us, like our phones and DVRs and should just change automatically so I don't have to wander around looking for clocks.

I took myself for a walk on Sunday and went only as far as the empty lot at the end of the street behind the gas station. I picked up bottles and glass because I am tired of seeing it and no one else is doing anything about it. I fucking hate winos!  If I waited for someone else to take the initiative was going to be a long wait.  I got tired of waiting.

Sunday instead of walking Rocket at Dix, I built Rocket his own jump and we did that.

I discovered that my yard is terribly uneven and this was a problem. If young dog is going to jump over something, it should be the same height all away across. In this case, fifteen inches in height all away across. In competition (!) he would be jumping twenty inches.  Its important to start small and work your way up. I could have started him even shorter but we do that in class and DIY translates to me as  I DIY what I want!. I thought they were going to give us loaners last week as per our syllabus, but that was mysteriously absent from the actual class.

Also on Sunday I finally scored coffee grounds! I tried Starbucks and Waffle House and got rather violently dissed by both business. Both could look up "Customer Service" and learn something. They were rude, dismissive and generally nasty and unhelpful. I would say that Waffle House was more nasty, rude and dismissive than Starbucks - although both places made me take two separate trips to their stores to tell me that they had no interest in helping me. I am not at all surprised that the two times I was in Waffle House, that I saw a lot of staff and no customers. Not in the evening and not in the afternoon.  It must be because they are rude as hell.

And then I got in contact with Larry's Beans Nice, nice people who went out of their way to help me out. They knew why I wanted the coffee grounds and they were happy for me to take them for my garden. They have them for that very purpose and they are free for anyone who wants to pick them up. They were very nice, very helpful and practiced all around excellent customer service. Good folks. Buy their coffee, give them your money and be comfortable knowing its going to good people and a good company.

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