Wednesday, March 19, 2014

House Hunters 1893

Another rainy, cold nasty day and another day without a proper walk. Sigh. Rocket needs a proper walk if not every day, at the very least every other day and this two-in-a-row no walk days is not okay. We did get some quality jumping and leaping practice in. Jumping over  a bar and Leaping through a hula hoop, and that was nice. We also got a little spinning and some figure eights and following a hand full of treats practice as well.

I hope we do well in class tomorrow.

It was not a total loss but clearly not a good day. I mean it was a "bad" day only in "We didn't walk two miles", it was "good" in that we spent a second day cuddled up in front of the TV watching Buying Alaska . I had no idea so much of Alaskan real estate has no water or electric hook up or that so many Alaskans use outhouses. If I were he Alaskan Tourist Board I might ask them to feature some properties that actually have indoor plumbing  or that are reachable by a normal vehicle. An awful lot of places seem to be only accessible by 4-wheeler's or float-planes.

They do remarkably little discussion of getting eaten by bears or freezing to death in the winter. I imagine that the outhouse fifty yards from  your house gets a lot further away when there is six feet of snow on the ground and its  forty below with wind . They don't talk about the possibility of kidney and bladder infections, frost bite and exposure that the new home owners can look forward to in their Dream Outhouse; I would think it would be worth a little on camera discussion of the risks.. I'm reading a book about a man who walked the Appalachian Trail in the summer and the furthest north it goes is Maine -  and there has been a lot of talk about being eaten by bears or freezing to death.

On today's episode a couple wanted a house on a isolated lake, one that was not reachable by car - forty-five minuets by a four wheeler on a mud trail, not accessible by car  - shockingly, there were three properties at the lake for sale! (Who would have guessed that? These people didn't move away, they fled!) and they saw a bear. The woman, a native Alaskan and ready to live with out running water or power, was shocked that there were bear so close to her house.

They had three "nice" choices, in that all had  functioning walls and a roof  and flooring - "finished" seems to be relative in the middle of now where. They went with the property with some solar and battery back up and featuring a separate bathhouse, water from the lake is poured into a cistern and pumped to a water heater ( enough for ten short showers!) and  a structurally sound, not too full, outhouse. No kitchen sink, no cell reception, generator power.

It's if the family from Little House on the Prairie went on House Hunters

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