Friday, March 7, 2014

Train Wreak

Why are all of E!'s TV shows so very, very bad? Why so awful? Why do they hate women in general and people over all? DO we not watch enough Fashion Police

And why do I agree to watch these terrible shows? I have watched some of the worst TV I have ever seen  on purpose. I said Okay t this most recent one before I realized it was going to be a 29 minute investment! Thank God for multiple windows.

Eleven minutes in. Still don't care. Did you know that Fashion is the most cut throat industry? Really? I thought that would not be the right answer. I would have thought maybe, I don't know what industry is most cut throat, do not all industries think they are the most cut throat? Isn't everyone proud of their poor business practices and hostile corporate cultures?

We are meeting the contestants. I don't like them, not one of them. They are all terrible! Why do these girls think they are so fabulous? Hasn't anyone ever told them that being OUTRAGEOUS isn't great in an office setting? Do they know they are going to be in an office setting? I will never know. Where does E! find these creatures? True, these girls aren't the loathsome beasts of Rich Kids but they are close cousins.

Corset Tops will not save your life. No fashion merchandiser has ever "changed the world". Check yourself.

28:13 in and I still don't like this show. I also think they have started it over and are making me watch it a second time. This is cruel. I think that I should be contacting The Prague about this. Its very, very unkind. I thought E! wanted to be my friend.

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