Friday, March 28, 2014

Random thoughts

Things I was thinking about in no particular order:

Why is it okay that there is nothing on TV to watch?
The world was not asking for another Rehab Addict marathon.
 It feels wrong to watch a netflix movie on a school night.
 Just because its still light out does not mean I have to feel pressured  to go outside and do something.
The only reason I haven't taken a shower and changed into my pajamas is that if feels wrong to do that while it is still light. What if someone comes to the door and I'm dressed for bed? Should I invest in pyjamas that are not bright red and don't feature festive puppies?
Would it be gross to eat a tuna sandwich for breakfast?
If a peanut ends up in the ground will it grow a peanut plant?
Before a brain MRI it is important to shave! Or not, but you don't want your leg hair to on your mind.

Who put together the package that became our new computer system at work? This is not a learn on the fly moment, this should have been together before they set it on us. If hardware isn't up to sustaining the software you upgrade your hardware first, two days out is not when you decide you might need more memory. If the system is at 99% use and has ground to a halt, this is a bad thing. You might also want to find out what peripherals are commonly used and make sure that they will work with the upgrade, get them ordered and in place and then unleash this monster. Who wrote the bid? Did no one read it? Was it bid out or did it just appear? Which one of the Governors or the secretary's toadies is getting rich off this catastrophe? Has anyone in IT heard of beta testing?  In the real world  you couldn't get away with this.

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