Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I want to remind myself this winter when I am whining and feeling personally persecuted by the bitter cold, that the summer hot is also bitter and wants to kill me. I need to remind myself that being soaking wet  from sweat within three minutes of leaving the house is not enjoyable and not the better of the two possibilities, in fact there are no better possibilities! I am either too hot or I am too cold. I have no middle ground I am uncomfortable year round I should just embrace my discomfort and deal with it.. The sweat dripping down my legs and my nose is as least as uncomfortable as the wooly scarves and too tight hats.

Its always uncomfortable year round. There are approximately three days a year that there are not reasons to complain about the weather.

As I write this  the DNC is is doing th the pre-show for The Big Dog. Nice speeches, good graphics, a little Bernie craps. We had the Bernie Bros and their issies, we need to move on. Bernie moved on and now its time for his Bros to grow up. Its also time for the rest of us to stop asking them how they feel about all of this, we are part of the problem, we need to stop validating their little feelings, its time for Object Lesson butt kicking's. They can join the party or start their own. Good Luck on that.

Enter The Big Dog. And then he just talked to me the whole time. Because that is what he does and that is why is he is so good at what he does.It was a great speech.

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