Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garden Update 8 2014

Time is marching on.

I'm pretty sure that the larger pots have, I think, the Yukon gold spuds, they aren't near ready yet. The foilage is still lush and everything is still perky and strong. If they do hold the smaller red spuds, these plants are way behind the other pots. I would bet it is because they get less direct sunlight.

These guys get a lot of direct sunlight and have all ready gifted me with some early spuds. The plants are thinning out and falling over. I should stop watering these and let the plants die back naturally and then harvest.

The garden plants are behind their potted brothers. Way behind, they haven't even flowered yet! The plants are still full and happy but they have begun to fall over a bit. I don't think that this unusal for them as the plants get very full and they do fall over. They plants are healthy and in good shape.

A baby corn plant. I didn't get as many as I wanted, but I got some and I should be happy with that. I'm a little afraid they aren't close enough together for me to get actual corn to grow. We'll see. On the upside, they plants are big enough now that I can rake up the bed and get rid of the nutrient sucking weeds.

The green beans are starting to grow up and really establish themselves.

I have baby tomatos! Lots and lots! The plants are really working hard.

They tomato plants are growing by leaps and bounds!  They are so tall now! I was a little scared for these after it froze after I planted them but they all pulled through.

The peppers went last and take the longest to get where they are going. They look good.

The onions look, onion-y?

 And we move to the front yard!

The blueberry bushes are actually making blueberry's! A new thing! Last year they made white berries that didn't strike me as edible.

I'm not happy with the honeysuckle, I worked hard to get these plants and I really was hoping for the flowers and scent and I have neither! These plants days may be numbered.

Everyone is perking along, I miss my flowers but it just wasn't going to work out before vacation. I'll get flowers in the ground after I get back, late but it'll be okay.

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