Tuesday, May 6, 2014

He will be fine.

We didn't go to agility class. We went to the vet instead.

Rocket went to daycare and met a new dog. The new dog either 1) Went through the door first and thus offended Rocket - He knows that the person goes through the door first not the dog or 2) The dog made a hostile move towards the female handler and Rocket  went to defend her, 3) Karma acted fast and hard.

Not behind old Karma, nope, right on top of things Karma is.  He's getting stitches. They couldn't do them  when we were in there because unlike a person getting stitches, a dog isn't really going to just sit still and watch. A dog getting stitches has to be  fully anesthetized and that takes time. First to get them under and then to bring them up out of it. They are going to shave him and then stitch him up. They are also insisting on a flu shot - something my regular vets office as well as many others, see as an unnecessary vaccination

 For the next five days he gets eight horse pills a day.  Things loosen up at ten days because he runs out of pain meds. What all is pictured?  The brown pills at top are Rimadyl, a pain killer, below them are an old favorite around Casa Dianaverse, Cephalexin,  an antibiotic that Daisy was on those for so long  after her knee surgery that it stopped working in her system... I might still have some around... Good times, to the left are his Prozac and on the bottom , his good friend, Trazodone.

I thought it was interesting at the daycare. When Rocket was  just a supporting aggressor I was told the names of all the dogs involved, when Rocket stepped up this time to  leading aggressor,  and ended up with an actual wound, I get nothing. Just it was a "new dog".

He will be going back there at some point after his stitches come out, whenever that may be, on a case by case basis. Maybe.

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