Monday, May 5, 2014

Done and Done.

Things I got want to get done this weekend. In no order

1. Mow  the yards.
2. remove the compost from the composter and add to soil for corn.
3. Till the corn soil
4. Plant the corn.
5.hose out  and straighten the composter ( well, its fixed and has been re-stocked all ready. Oops!)
6. make tomato sauce with last of frozen tomatoes laundry
8. get meat in fridge freezer ready
9. put meat in freezer.

Sunday evening I poisoned everything that could not get away from me. I decided that whatever it was that had been freely eating my plants in the front has lived through enough of its limited life span and it is time for it to die. I wanted to stop it before it began its inevitable march to the backyard. I not one of those do-gooder organic hipster gardeners. I kill things dead and I do it with pesticides, my pesticide of choice is Seven because it kills everything and it kills them fast. I am more than willing to share the bounty of the garden and will, but I am not willing to share it yet and never with pests they sell sprays for. Squirrels I can not bring myself to kill  because reasons but if there was a spray for them I would own stock.

I also finally got it together and bought Rockets yearly supply of flea and tick. I've lived through a flea infestation and I'm not doing it again.  No bugs on my dawg! I use Adventix 2, a poison so lethal I have to keep the cat away from the dog for two full days!  Lets hear it for lethal pest control!! You can go self righteous organic but I would prefer to have my plants, my dawg and my home successfully and totally protected from infestation.

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