Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It is what it is and I say what it is.

I was at Walmart over the weekend. I'm always at Walmart. Anyway, I was Wallyworld and I started to think that now that its warm, I need a new pair of summer pjs! I have a couple of pair now and they are very nice and I like them very much. The problem is hat its hot and even when I finally turn on my a/c, I use it sparingly. Long story short, I sweat a lot and my pjs take the brunt of the abuse. Also I like new things.

I said "Hey. Walmart. Cheap clothes! Lets to this thing!"  I don't buy clothes at Walmart very often and now I know why : Its not as cheap as it should be and its still crap. This was not what I wanted and was not solving my pj jones. I was there and and I wanted  to get pjs! It was suddenly very important to me that I leave the store with pjs. I looked through the racks and didn't find anything that was either more than I wanted to pay for something at Walmart or looked like downmarket nursing home attire.

I had to get out of the ladies department before I depressed myself into a puddle - If anyone saw me whimpering under a clothing rack they would assume I worked there and then management would try to fire me for not being on my feet and being out of uniform and then someone would start filming and it would be on You Tube and then it would come out I don't work there at all and there would be a bad moment.  I don't want to have a moment at Walmart.

I also needed strawberries.

I didn't get far before I saw something I liked : A clearance rack! I love clearance! I lost the desire to curl up and whine!  I wandered over and to my shock it was filled with pjs! No, it wasn't, it was heavy with enormous men's' tee-shirts. Some of them didn't feature a duck dynasty cast member.  They were $3, they did not directly suggest that they not be slept in and some of them didn't feature bigots!  and I got I got two lovely nightgowns.

And strawberries.

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