Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Intermediate Agility Dog

The instructor said that Rocket has made great progress and will do well in the next class. He has! He has changed a lot and has learned stuff and is much better and following me to the next obstacle and not running all over the ring or just flying off course to do an obstacle he thinks is more fun while I stand here with a handful of treats and try to not sink into the astro-turf.

I think today's class was one maybe the first he didn't actively embarrass me by running all over the ring and ignoring commands, it was also the first class where he hadn't spent the day in daycare. I think that while being kept busy all day is good, it make make him so tried that he is over tired once he gets to class and that leads to a lack of attention and general disobedience. I'm going to re-think daycare on class days. We start our next class next week and he will not be in day care for that class either, if I see an improvement in his behavior and ability he might be at daycare a lot less frequently. He still has to go though on non-class days though, I bought a punch card and he will use it up.

Daycare might be a more winter-centric activity though, as it gets dark so fast and so early that its almost impossible to take him on a walk sometimes. So well see. I might try it out on weekends and I saw on the site that they do offer half day schedules, so that is another option for us. We have options.

This was the first class we didn't get a diploma. I'm not sure why this makes me mildly sad, the "diplomas"  we've been issued for the other classes are really kind of lame.

Anyway! Moving on to Intermediate Agility!!!

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