Monday, May 12, 2014

Garden 2014 Update 7

With the newly planted corn so young it shard to tell the corn sprouts from the weed sprouts. I knew I was going to kick myself for not using weed barrier.  Now I am going to have to weed and I do not like weeding - hence, by historical use of weed barrier.

I would go through the plot with at least a little hand rake but its too early to know what I was really raking up. I'll have to wait for everything to age a little and then rake the hell out of it.

Another plot I failed to use weed barrier is unused strip of garden that I abandoned after it became clear it doesn't get enough sun to make tomatoes or peppers work. I let it sit out last year but this year I added onions and suddenly the little strip began to look a lot better as a planting location ( since I had planted everywhere else)

Fortunately, none of my weeds look like onions. Onions look like onions.

My tomatoes are looking great! I was afraid after they got hit by the late frost but they pulled though and they're just perking right along. I even have a few flowers.

The peppers have settled in nicely and seem to be doing well.

Some of the container spuds are flowers all ready but the plants in the ground aren't there yet, I think they are at least two weeks behind due to the cold and the ground taking longer to warm up.

I would like to see my pole beans starting to climb a little, I got burned by a mixed bag of beans last year and ended up with some uninvited bush beans. I'm hoping my baggy marked "pole beans" are actually Pole Beans.

I did most of my work this weekend with the plants in the front of the house. I also ran my cistern dry and this made me unhappy. I'm going to have to haul up the hose from the basement and get it set up. Hopefully it will rain soon and refil my cistern.

After my grass plant died I decided I wanted  a change. I had decided that I wanted and elephant ear because I like the shape and I don't have anything else like it. It was harder to find one than I thought. But I found one and it is lovely! And at the end of the season I can dig up the bulb, bag it, and let it live in my basement for the winter.

I also repoted my new fern and my Nepenthes (pitcher plant) because I looked at its pot and it seemed very small! It is now in a larger, roomier pot and I hope it does well there.

I still haven't given up hope for Room Mate Fern, but its not looking good and I don't know what you do with an older fern plant. I stripped off the dead parts and gave it some fertilizer and told it to feel better. I got New Fern because it was clearly not on deaths door and it was on sale. I put it in a larger pot because it seemed like the right thing to do.

I haven't given up on flowers for the front deck but I do need to do this quickly before all the good bedding plants are gone.

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