Monday, May 19, 2014


Yay for a productive weekend! Yay I had fun and got house work done and yard work and took part in my Democracy and got some culture and still walked the dog!

Boo. Not a great deal to report. Artsplosure was very fun and I got some gifts bought and I did not buy the tee shirt because for a third or fourth straight year the tee shirt design has been terrible! I don't understand? The design on all the promotional material is really pretty, why can't they just slap that on their tee shirts and call it a day? What they end up with looks amateurish and they can't even get it on the shirts correctly. I saved some money there so I was able to buy actual art.

I took two trips, one without dog and one with. Dog is lovely and well behaved in public and loves the crowds and attention, but you don't need the actual experience with bringing a bull into a china shop to know that bringing a bull into a china shop might be a mistake. I looked at literally everything there, decided on what I wanted, and came back with him when it was cooler hours later. He basked in the positive attention and I quickly bought what I wanted.

You just can't do in-depth  art festivaling with a dog on your arm, I know people do but I don't think its the best idea, and it was hot, too hot for a dog to be out wandering around. I wanted to really look at everything and see what was there. I didn't want to spend the whole time with one eye on him and one on what he could potentially destroy . The two trips idea worked out well and we both had a great time, the venders had a great time and  everyone enjoyed ourselves.

I spent Saturday morning in Pittsboro attending my congressional district convention. It was exactly as much fun as it sounds and on top of that, it was an eighty mile round trip. Yay for participatory democracy.

The yard got mowed, the laundry got done, I ran a load of dishes and I remembered to get new dishwasher detergent! Woo!

Saturday, I went to the mall and ordered my new glasses and they are awesome.  Sunday I did housework and yard work and played with the garden and went to Big Lots and bought detergent. No wonder I'm tired.

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