Friday, May 9, 2014

Am I blue?

A few months ago I thought it was a good time to think about my new glasses. There is no time like the present and I like shopping online. I still liked my "old" glass and I thought I would like to stay with that style, so lets look at Ray-Bans. This makes it easy! If you ever gone searching for anything online you know there are 100,000 version of everything. No search is easy or quick, and after a while everything is confusing and it all looks the same and they all look kind of cool, they are not "my" glasses.

I decided to stay with my same design because I like it and if I can wear bright red glasses and get no comments whatsoever, I can wear pretty much anything I want. But not white, I tried white and it was not a good idea. But you have to try.

After a lot of searching I finally found my glasses! I was excited and they are so cool! And blue, I wanted a color and these are a color - a bright color! I was thrilled.

I went immediately to my favorite glasses provider and went to check to see if they had it! Because of course they have it! Well. They didn't, they don't carry them. This made me very sad and thinking about the possibility of buying glasses online. But the web site promised me that they could order anything and they could be mine.

I went to my store and talked to them. If I bring my own frames in I don't get whatever deal they had running at the time. Bummer. I have a nasty prescription and I need all the deals I can get. I am not giving up yet.  So I almost have to get them from the store directly, although I find this limiting.

Today was my annual eye appointment. I don't have glaucoma! Wooooo! Its always good to know. I left the office with my prescription and a dream. I marched to the mall and went to my store and had a look around. I didn't see anything I wanted to wear. I know what I want and its all I want. The store did not have them. A call announced the warehouse does not have them. The guy at the counter told me they gave him a list of stores that may have them and he will call me tomorrow to let me know. I may end up having to speak with my insurance about who they will and will not pay for frames.

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