Thursday, May 8, 2014


We took our regular walk, well, not all the super awesome jumping-climbing-hopping about regular walk, so it was a boreing walk but it was  walk that did not include stich ripping or wound bothering so it was okay. It was nice to get out and I know he was happy to get the ring off. It doesn't bother him nearly as much as the cone but its still a foreign  thing he has to wear all the time and that is never a fun thing.

His wound is looking good - dry, cool and no bleeding or seepage. Its also brand new and hasn't started to itch or ache yet, we'll see how he really feels about it when his pain meds run out and he's on his own.

In non-dog news. I think I prefer over cooked spaghetti squash to under cooked spaghetti squash. When its not cooked enough its like eating dry spaghetti - which is okay, but usually spaghetti at least gets limp when there is a sauce on it. This may need more work.

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