Thursday, May 22, 2014


I was trying to get my stuff together because reasons and I did get myself packed but I just can't get the pet objectives taking care of. I need to, it has to get done but then I start telling myself I need more cat litter and I'm running out of cat food and I need to get shampoo and conditioner and  then I start to think about other things I probably need and if I don't have the cat litter or cat food ... which I would not be taking with me so why is this an issue? And when I think about it, I can get the rest of my short list after I arrive so why am I letting myself  get stuck in this problem?

Rockets stuff lives  in the car all ready but he needs his food container re-filled and I need to get his pills in order and I'm sure there is stuff back there that does not need to go with me and will just take up space so some sort of clean out of the back of the car is in order...

I made myself feel better by refilling the dogs food container and getting his pills sorted  and I moved some stuff around in the back of the care, so now I feel better

Once back inside I my camera in a more in-my-face location. so I will be less able to forget it. I should put it in my laundry basket now.

The plan for Friday after work had been that I was going to pick up Rocket from daycare on Friday and then hit the road, this would be a great idea but it leaves the kitty at home my himself and that is not okay. The new plan stays the same dog-wise but now we go home and get the cat  and feed the dog and I probably put on shorts and then we leave. Its going to be traffic hell in any plan so it really doesn't matter what time we leave really. I also have to remember to put gas in the car. So new plan! Get the dog, put gas in the car and then go home and get kitty.

No, the getting gas part isn't going to work. Thursday I'll put gas in the car on the way home from work! Then I'll walk the dog, then we will put in a brief appearance at the Cause for Paws thing downtown but we will leave promptly and I'll go home and do my shopping? I can't load the car without the dog tent and dog bed and they will be in use until Friday morning. My lunch break on Friday is going to be busy.

Too much to process. I need to go to bed.

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