Friday, May 23, 2014


 How it actually played out.

I filled the car at lunch, pulled out camera and ipod, computer bag to central location
I came home after work, walked the dog, fed the dog and did my shopping, grabbed dinner.
I finished up my packing
Brought bags downstairs
brought dogs bed to car
I moved us downstairs for the season - "good" pillow, tooth brush, toothpaste deodorant, meds, clothes, shoes, set new alarm clock, remembered kindle, moved dogs bedding into downstairs crate, bagged up his tent, moved Kitty's' food and litter box downstairs. Dropped Kitty's food  bin down the stairs. Made many, many trips up and down the stairs.
Walked the dog to and from Cause for Paws.
watered the outdoor plants thoroughly
took out the trash .

Tired now.

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