Friday, May 16, 2014

Just in time for my rain barrel to dry up  and for me to heft the hose out of the basement, we have a full day of heavy rain! My potatoes are no longer in mourning and I may score a couple of more corn plants as well!

Poor Rocket had to learn the painful lesson that if you reject one part of the yard because it is being rained on, the rest of the yard is probably being rained on too. Even the front yard, which has come through for him in the past due to the tree coverage. He refuses to use to strip between the neighbors house and mine because this year it now fills with water and he can't see the bottom! For all he knows its full of rocks and he'll have an accident or its eleventy feet deep and he isn't a good swimmer. Either way, its dangerous and he won't go there.

We stood under the carport for twenty minutes while he weighed his options and ultimately decided that the rain would stop before he went to bed and he would just hold it for the time being. He really got his feelings hurt by the front yard though, it was just as wet as the back yard! I mean, what kind of friend does that? None of his favorite spots were not getting rained on, he as really crushed! How is he supposed to pee on something if its getting rained on? Its like he's being cheated on! Its a total betrayal!, especially over there by the fence?! I mean,  what a bitch! That has always been a good spot to squat and now? Totally getting rained on! Its like the evil sprinkler beast was everywhere!.

When he gets really desperate, he will utilize the driveway, but he really prefers the grass and also? under the carport you can really hear how hard its raining and he just feels so hurt by it all.

He didn't even get a walk! I was thinking of just going around the block but it had started to mist and I said "Hey. We are going to do this!" And  I marched up stairs to change clothes and I sat on the bed and the dog very naughtily, jumped on the bed and then he did that doggy rolling around thing and was so cute I said "Who's bed is this?! No way you get to take up so much room!" And things went down hill from there and then I felt I needed to rescue my pillows from his dogginess and the next thing... It was raining really hard and we missed our walk.

You can not count on your dog to not be open to taking a nap on the bed. They are really, really bad role models when it comes to  taking unapproved, unscheduled naps.

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