Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I know you want to know how my elbow is doing?

It is still bulbous and golf ball like and pinkish - par for the course, from what I've learned from my research into such things. It will go away, eventually, I have been assured,but when? There are no time frames outside"eventually" and "when". I think it is as irritated by the compression sleeve as I am, I even have a very nice new one, that is significantly less irritating than my first one. But its till irritaing and I wish I was not wearing it - I would be happier if wearing it was having some effect on the golf ball, bust as it is, I see no movement on it shrinking.I have concerns. I am staying with the program, even though it is not as much fun as you might expect from a sexy, tiny club dress for my arm. I am thinking of bedazzling it.

It will be cuter but it will be irritating.  And now I have it on inside out. I'm not sure that it matters really, I'm sure it will, because of course it does, its probably all kinds of designed and planned out and it should not be on inside out ever, My arm will now fall off. The golf ball will just roll away and go somewhere and be gross.

I don't think the swollen aspect is less swollen, I think it may have expanded past its original quardiants . Its pinkish but it doesn't seem infected, irritated but not sickly. It doesn't hurt  , it just grows there like some sort of squash. What happens when it expands past squash stage? It could get larger than it is now!

I don't want a melon on my elbow! How would that look? I mean?!

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