Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Due to doing no work over the weekend, I could either have to have chosen to work a lot last week - which I did not, or I could end up working a lot this week. Which I am. After dinner and dog walking, I hit the door running and emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher and cleaned cat boxes

Monday, after work  and dinner and dog walking, I put gas in the car and did my weekly shopping, tonight I did all of the above and put away laundry, made room for new laundry, did more laundry.

Before I left for the dog walk, I put some gloves away and went out.

I was gone for about an hour. I came home and started on my to-do list, while I was upstairs sorting through laundry, I heard the kitty meowing. He is a very quite meower, you really have to be listening and then you can still miss him if he's facing the wrong way.

So, that  I was hearing him upstairs clued me in that he must be upstairs. I checked my closet because I could only just barely hear him and he sounded inside somewhere, I didn't find him in the closet. I checked drawers I had opened and closed, he was not there either. He is very tiny, so I checked the cat box - he could have gotten caught in there, he is very little. Not there.

More  alarmed squeaking. I looked downstairs, under things, in things and couldn't find him. I went back upstairs because it seemed louder up there. Again with the closet and under the bed and in corners. No kitty.

I went back downstairs.

I tried to remember what it was I did before I left and vaugly remembered the gloves and stuff I had  put away...

I AM THE WORST CAT MOM EVERH! I locked my kitty in the closet and THEN LEFT HIM THERE FOR AN HOUR!

The reason I could hear him so clearly upstairs was that he was trapped right next to a vent shaft that leads upstairs and when he meowed for his life, it went upstairs via the vent shaft that was right next to where I was sorting laundry. I could't hear him downstairs because he was behind two closed doors. Worst. Cat. Person. Ever.

Tomorrow night?

I am going to adult color my adult coloring book. Which despite being an "adult" coloring book does not feature any penises and there are no sex act dot to dots at all. I think its "adult" because it features images that are trippy as hell, I think the pictures are really cute, but I think I would think they were even more cute if I were high.

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