Thursday, March 31, 2016

Coloring Book

I've been seeing a lot of  words around about coloring and how good it is for us and why I should be coloring now. I'm pretty good at coloring, and its a fun-ish thing to spend time doing. I do remember coloring in the box office at school, because there was nothing else to do and spending four hours exchanging small talk with a clinically depressed Morrissey fan, would make just about anything I could find to distract me as deeply interesting.

I was at the store and I saw a super box of crayons, the big kind, the kind I wouldn't have had as a kid. So I bought it and brought it home. I already had the Bub and Norbert coloring book and I hadn't done anything with it.

I did something with it.

I'm not sure I'm in the zone. I might need a different book with different images. I'm very into Bub but she's gray and for the most part, gray isn't a sexy crayon. I didn't not like coloring but I didn't get the self-hypnosis that I thought it was going to be, Fun though.

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