Friday, April 1, 2016


Well, provided that it doesn't rain on Saturday, I am going to clean the shed. I mean, big time cleaning out the sed! I'm going to take everything out and then leaf blow it and then bug poison it.

Then I'm going to organize all the things and out the like things together and feel a few moments of shame when I see how many things I have multiples of and then I'm going to make a list of things I do not have . I am also going to see how many of the things could be hung up and I am going to hang them up .

There are things in there that do not need to be in there. Those things I am going to move to the basement, it is much larger and more things can live there, and should..

Its going to be an all day project, because I;m going to need to think and I think best while watching TV. Its also going to require at least one trip to the Big Box  hardware store.

I want to get these kind of jobs don before the season starts and I get too busy and its too hot to spend time outside, also I think it will make the garden more productive if I can get to my gardening toys and if I could find my various bug poisons. The garden grows better when it does't get eaten by bugs. Who knew?

I might also mow the yard and put up my new umbrella.

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