Monday, March 21, 2016


So, Friday at about 9:15am I rolled my sleeve up and felt something squishy . I've worked hard to excise the squishy qualities from my person and finding something on the premise with that quality was a little surprising. The fact it wasn't there in the morning when I was dressing was alarming.

I checked with the most nursey nurse we have and she said it was gross, and that it was probably a burst bursa . She suggested I call my doctor and let them know this had happened. I thought I would tell them and they would add it to my chart and I would spend the day being squicked out by my new elbow.

They wanted me to come in now. I did that. I came in and they also thought it was kind of gross, and they said I needed to see an orthopedist and they made me an appointment with a doc out in hell.

I went back to work for about ten minutes and then drove out to hell for the appointment and waited and waited and waited some more. Big fun.

A PA finally got to me and they did xrays. Nothing was broken and there were no foreign bodies floating about. This is where the orthopedist lost all interest in me and my elbow. A nurse came in with a compression sleeve and told me to wear it for three weeks. I asked what would happen if it hadn't gone down in three weeks and they said they would tell me to put it back on.

I put it on and hated it immediately, if not sooner. I think it might be too big and it chafes as it shifts around. The real estate on the arm part of my elbow really resents the sleeve and I feel my pain on this. I am not going to wear this bitch for three weeks and my doctor is going to hear about it if it isn't down ASAP. Not one of the doctors aspirated the fluid to see what is going on in there or took my temperature of even touched the swelling.  Its redder now and I think it feels warm. Grrr.

Sunday morning the dog got me out of bed by letting me know he needed it go out right now by peeing like a race horse and pacing back and forth while he did it. Multi-tasking.

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