Monday, March 14, 2016


I was able to cross something off my bucket list! I matched in a parade! , I had never marched in areal parade before and I always wanted to. I know its not as big or dramatic as what you might have on your list, but it was an item and now I can take it off.

It was fun! I wish I had been able to see more of the actual parade but the group I marched in was the second in line and there wasn't much to see from there. I would have stuck around to see what was behind us but I had to go home to meet my parents to help them with some work around my house and I had to go the john in the worst way. It did not help that due to the parade every street downtown was blocked off and I had to drive around Robin Hood's barn to get home.

Next time, I'll watch the rest of the parade. I saw a little bit while I was driving in circles trying to get out of downtown and it looked really fun.Inow know why I haven never driven downtown for an event.

Pictures from the parade:

On Sunday I had to get to work on the garden and the back yard.

 The backyard before

The backyard after

I know you're asking, Wow! Did Yard Crashers do that! OMG! It looks fantastic! and my answer is : Shut up. Its a work in progress.

I also extended the new garden

Rocket helping with a uncooperative  root.


I went out and got some fertilizer and spread that around and added more coffee grounds and I hope its going to get the soil ready to grow. I think I should add some lime just because I never have and I think a little will go a long way to properly conditioning the soil.

I did all of this before it started to rain and I got it all done. We got a nice steady rain  for a little while and it was exactly what the soil wanted.


My parents did a lot of work at my house. SOme of it harder than others, all of it work I could not do myself. I haven't had my art on the walls since I had the walls panted almost a year ago, it was time to get it back up.

Those floating shelves were really hard to get installed! It doesn't look like a big job, but it was really tough and time consuming. It got better as we learned how to do it, but the first one was a real bitch. I really love how they look though and I'm so glad to see my art back. I put up too much and I need to thin the herd a little, but I'm excited about being about to change the display so easly and I hope to get some of my own work up soon.

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