Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#Eat the Rich

Instead of watching the Olympics, like a good person. I am watching Bitch Kids of Beverly Hills on my computer,  Its actually called something else but its a lot more accurate.

These are horrible creatures. I think this is what untreated, un-medicated narcissistic personality disorder looks like in the wild. I'm sure they have all spent time in therapy because duh, rich kinds from Beverly Hills, but they need to have nets thrown over them. Or drowned, either way. Drowned might be better.

So now I'm watching this while the real people are throwing themselves down mountains for their countries. I think the real people are kind of crazy too but they are at least being crazy in a brave, patriotic, talented way. It is not brave or talented to get into a an argument over the quality of an instragram picture. Or to compulsively take pictures of yourself being rich.

I am now hoping for a huge earthquake to turn BH into rubble. Sorry other people, but you'll get credit for being a martyr for the cause. These people need to be crushed under walls. Or eaten by sharks, I like that idea too. Maybe they can  run from the earthquake and end up at the beach and then get eaten by sharks. Rabid sharks, rabid sharks infected with plutonium. Glowing, rabid, land sharks.

No, that would be a fancy and memorable death. I think dieing alone and being eaten by rats would be better. Ugly rats. Eaten slowly over a long time because the ugly rats have no friends and their families have abandoned them for being such ugly, unpopular losers. Rats that can't get laid. That would be good.

I loath all of them. Its a good thing they send me lovely Amazon gift cards for this. I am totally earning it.

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