Monday, February 17, 2014

Garden Update 2 2014

Here comes the sun!

With the snow melting and time wasting, it is finally right to put the potatoes (mostly) in the ground! Yay

First i dig the potatoanis trench, easier than I thought, longer than I had planned.It was warmer than it has been and it stopped snowing,leaving the ground soft for digging but a bit mucky in places. So messy in places and there was a nasty wind. Weep for me.

 I knew I wanted to get them into the middle garden but I am also trying to keep in mind that the corn also has to go there and has to have room. I dug the trench around the outside of the space and feel pretty confident that I can have both there and be good neighbors. The potatoes will be ready to go May 6 and by the that time the corn will still be very young and not be bothered, hopefully.

This is all Yukon Golds, I did well with the spuds I planted in the ground last year and I did a half ased job with them, and had very low expectations. They did very well and I am hopeful that if I plant them on purpose from the get go, I can have a good harvest.

They are being planted in February, I am aware of that. Last year I put them in the ground around this time and we had a freeze, I figured hat all was lost for them so I pulled out that batch and started over. The "frozen" spuds got thrown around the yard as toys for the dog and then dumped into the garden to be tilled in.

I ended up with several volunteer potato plants as a result. It taught me that 1) Spuds are studs and you 2) Can Not Abuse them Enough . If there is an eye on any piece, no matter how tiny or shredded or frozen, it will grow.  I'm not going to ignore what I have in the ground now but I'm not going to hover.

I didn't give up on planters. I have four and they all have red potatoes planted. I like these and they did well in pots before.

The main plot

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