Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to our regulary scheduled programming

Sigh. The Olympics are over. Makes me sad. I only watched a little and then only on NBC (USA!USA!USA!) so I can't say I saw a lot of athletes from other countries, but I understand they all had really lucky breaks and life time best times and because of that synchronicity , beat our athletes pretty much right left and center. Holland has some really lucky speed skaters. Our speed skaters had underwear issues and that made them less than competitive.

Our ice skaters did fabulously well, and all had terrific back stories! Imagine! All. Of. Them.  I wanted our hockey people to do better! And they did! They beat the Russians but were felled by the Canadians. Its all right though, we beat the Russians and they didn't medal at all.  Thus endith all I know about Hockey.

Also I learned on NBC that all the routes the skiers had to take down mountains were too hard or too dangerous! We couldn't possibly be asked to go full out and risk hurting ourselves on such clearly dangerous, vertiginous routes.. The Norwegians, clearly, did not have such issues. Or the Germans. Or the Russians. Some snowflakes are more special than others. Perhaps it is time to take our teams off the bunny slopes and introduce them to the Black slopes, where in their youths they learned how to be Olympians in the first place, skiing down black slopes blind folded, backwards and on one one ski. They just need to go back to where they learned how to not feel fear. Fear is the enemy, fear is 12 bronze medals.

We did however, manage to do fabulously well . It wasn't the Summer Games, which is clearly "ours" and we're much better suited for those kind of  ground based competitions held in warm places, hey, kind of like Sotchi, when its not been doctored within an inch of its life to look like a winter sports mecca. Putin is a fool.

893 days and counting , in Rio.

And now onto the  Closing ceremonies and tomorrow we will go back to having no interest in Eastern Europe at all. Ukraine who? Revolution? Government asunder? Unjailed opposition leaders? Empty Presidential palace? EU or Putin? What are the Kardashians doing?

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