Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Laugh while you can.

Harold Ramis died Monday. You probably all ready knew that, it was everywhere within seconds. He was young too, he made his first movie Animal House - First movie, right out of the box, Animal House! and then Meat Balls and Stripes  and Ghost Busters
andGroundhog Say and Summer Vacation ... Pretty much every movie you laughed at, every movie you saw over and over, the first movies you got a tape, the first movies you go on DVR. Your favorite movies, all of them. The movies you knew all the words from, by osmosis because everybody loved these movies and everybody knew all the words. Because he made those movies.  He was the Steven Spielberg of comedy.
I hope he had a lot of money. I don't hope for that with many people who I know have a lot of money, I hope he had solid gold everything, I hope he had his very own tiny giraffes!  He wrote everything that ever made you think that you could do that too and then you found out that that was a lot harder than it look - comedy is hard, very, very hard. And to make everyone laugh all at the same time at the same thing for the same reason, is practically a miracle.  And he was a miracle worker.

Here is a very good essay from Funny or Die .

You know what the bitter cold did not kill, the wasps! Rocket is right now stalking baby wasps in the livingroom. Today I wore one blue stocking and one black, it was not my finest moment.

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