Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well, the positive thinking helped.  No snow here yet, its been dry and cold and other than near constant alerts that we're all going to die - everything is as it should be.

Rocket got a nice walk and hopefully tomorrow will have his first real agility class, or as it is, his first real Intro to Agility class. The "real" agility class is  two classes in the future. In this class I have been told to expect Baby Agility . 

I personally think he is well  beyond "baby agility" but he does have a lot to learn and so we will be happy in baby agility and  will probably at times be defeated by it, Rocket will be fine but I'll find a way to do something wrong and that will upset me and I will be depressed  by this but we will get better and we will graduate to real agility.

In honor of the cold here is Rocket in his new hoodie, Its not quite large enough but it was $5.37, so its okay. I really wanted  a heavier sweater but there were none to be found that would fit - either too small or too large and too large is as much of a problem as too small..

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