Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pre-Agility Class 2

Things we learned in class this week :

1. Rocket is a "natural" at making figure eights around poles. He gets right againts the pole without touching it, very difficult for a large dog.

2.Rocket needs work on his long jump. We will figure out a way to work this, the command for the long jump is "Fly!"

Long Jump

3. Rocket will learn the command "easy", so that he can stop at the end of a agility thing. He will go over the bridge, but at the end he needs to stop and have two feet on the ramp and two feet off. We will work on this skill this week. He can walk up the tiny ramp and cross the tiny bridge but at the end, but instead of just rushing off the end to get the treat,  he needs to perform the skill, and then pause and then get treat. We're supposed to practice on stairs. It was no explained on how we are going to achieve this.

4. We will work on walking through a ladder without walking on top the ladder. We do this so he will be aware of where his feet are.

5. Rocket has much, much better coordination than I do. Much.  So much better coordinated than I that next week I might have to use the disability card with the teacher.

6. We also need to work on walking backwards.

7. Rocket did much, much better than I would have thought navigating a baby version of the weave poles. The instructor was floored. We haven't worked our way up to weaving but he was very good at walking through the pole set up through an increasing narrow path.

Dog going through weave pole

8. Rocket had no problem making two inch leaps and going through a hoop or tire.

The Tire  . In real agility it is all about jumping

Jumping  . Rocket knows about jumping up and onto a fixed point but not so much about jumping over said point.

9.While Rocket loves  running through long cloth tunnels he is less excited about  short metal ones.

The Tunnel

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