Friday, February 28, 2014


I haven't made my lunch yet but I did take the trash to the curb and  then I emptied and then filled the dishwasher. I only did it because it took more energy to keep screaming at the dog to stop  licking the dirty dishes I had stacked up in there. It was really taking my enjoyment out of stretching out under the electric blanket watching three night old Jimmy Fallen . Also, while the dog is a good dishwasher ( another class we took last spring, it was a seminar) he sucks at putting the clean dishes away and I get tired of trying to figure out where he put everything. It was fun the first couple of times he put the dishes away, because for months I had to stand there and give him a  treat everytimne he picked up a glass, but now he does it for Good Boy!

As proud as I am of his new skills, I think he puts things away in the wrong places because he's commenting on my housekeeping. He tells me he isn't puting them away in the "wrong" places, he is just applying Logic to the cabnets and I should try it some time, everything would be easier to find. Blah, blah, blah. Judgy Dog.

The Oscars (tm) are Sunday night. You can tell how important they are because Entertinment Weekly includes complete  ballots in two issues. The last one only arrives a week before the show so its still handy. If you accidentally get rid of  the Emmy ballot in  The Special Emmy issue that hits the stands approximately two months before they are presented, you are SOL, you are left trying to keep track of who won best supporting actor in Mini-Series/Comedy/ Made for TV Movie/Variety or Musical/Clip Show you are now seeing presented and to whom. Blink and you miss it or as it happens,straighten up you coffee table and you miss it. The Globes don't even get a Special Issue.

The Oscars (tm) are more important, more important than like just about anything in the whole world. The pre-show has all ready started on E!, This year their goal was six hours more than ESPN dedicated to the Super Bowl  -  A good goal, attainable and a massive filler of airtime that would normally be dedicated to Kardiashian  reruns.

I don't have much to say so here is a picture of Rocket.

He had been sacked out on the couch but he wanted to see why I went outside without him and if I was going to force him to go outside too. - He made it from the couch to the livingroom still draped in his blanket,  and then once he felt he was safe from an unrequested potty break, he went back to the couch. Please note he is totally secure in his manhood.

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