Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The right answer to the right question.

I worked so much over the weekend, when I woke up Monday morning I was convinced that it was Tuesday at the earliest. Imagine my surprise.

I gave the downstairs freezer some  (on sale) pie dough, ( on sale) pork ribs, (on sale) chicken wings and baby meat loafs to look after. I also made cookies, again and cleaned the living room.Whew!

I made one big meat loaf and three babies. The big loaf has provided  three dinners and will be at least three lunches. This one is really good! I credit onion soup mix and Italian style bread crumbs.

Monday I took Rocket to the vet for answers. I got answers. He is perfectly healthy, blood panel was great, urine was super, weight on target. He is in perfect health, except for the unexplained urination thing. I suggested that he might have a problem from his surgery, it does occur - "Oh, that is really, really rare" Okay, but "rare"does not translate as "Never, ever happens, ever." I'[m not suggesting that he is so special that this would happen to him, but what if he is the one dog in a thousand or even ten thousand? It has to happen to someone. The vet suggested that he is "marking", in his own room? Why?! I think he has a problem. This evening I found the source of the most recent "marking" - the futon! A puddle in the middle of the mattress. I soaked the bag and then the mattress and then laundered it in hot water. I am hoping it doesn't shrink in the drier.

 I am very happy and very lucky that he is healthy and everything is okay, but I would like an answer! There is a question and I want it answered. I think I have the answer, I just have to make my vet get it to.

Dumb things to do just before bed : Decide that the newly laundered slip cover for the violated futon be put back on to the futon right now. It was done, but it wasn't pretty. Note to self, if  this should happen again, new covers are available from Walmart for $30. Also, $30 futon covers' zippers life cycles are short, launder at your own risk.

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