Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Into the dark

Rocket passed a little test Tuesday night. I went to my nephews Birthday party and left Rocket at home by himself and he did not destroy anything or pee all over the room!, true I was only gone for two hours, but I think he did well. I left him his dinner but he didn't eat it either. When I came back,I spent some time sitting in his room with him, this was very confusing to him so I need to do this a lot more frequently. He kept pacing the room and going back and forth to the door. He would look at me with great confusion in his face. He did finally eat his dinner though.

I don't get it. I go away every day.I come back every day.I have even started to come back for lunch when I can.I always leave and I always come back. The dog behaviorist guy told me that he handles it better during the day because its during the day and its normal for members of the pack to go places while its light. The problem happens when a pack member goes out at night, this is troubling. The guy said that  Rocket gets upset because at night the pack is back at the den and everyone is together and safe. Rocket gets upset because it is upsetting to a dog for pack members to go out at night, alone and unprotected .

I am the alpha, at least I would hope so and I can see why  the beta dogs would be upset by me leaving. But, I have to go out sometimes! I have a life. I am a very big dog and I ride around in a big steel dog crate.I like to bring him with me when I can but I can't take him everywhere and as it gets warmer I can't bring him with me at all - that big dog crate gets hot fast..

But, the work continues and progress happens.

Tonight I go to the orientation session for Rockets'  Intro to Agility class that starts next week. He's going to be alone for at least two hours while I'm there, but he will have spent the whole day in Day Care and that always exhausts him, hopefully he'll be too pooped to pee  and too catatonic to do anything catastrophic.

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