Thursday, February 6, 2014


I went to Intro to Agility orientation class.  Its not going to be a hardcore class,we will be using "baby sized" agility um,rides? I'm not sure what they are called en mass yet. I don't think Rocket needs baby sized,  agility, um toys? but  he does need to learn focus and I hope this class will get us there.

Rocket says he doesn't need baby sized anything.

This weekend we are going to a fundraiser the school is having to raise money for the Canine Cancer Society,in honor of Daisy.  That's kind of sad, but we get to play with tunnels and I all ready know that Rocket likes tunnels, and so that's kind of happy.

And I get to go out to their real agility facility - its way out in BFE, but if we end up liking agility, we will have to get used to going out there and its for charity and it will be fun and it was only $5.

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