Friday, February 7, 2014

Brutality with sparkles wrapped in a flag.

Yay weekend! Yay First Fridays! Yay Tunnel Fun for Charity!

My plans for the weekend include: Only doing stuff I want to and doing my laundry, which falls firmly into the need category so it makes the grade.  I also got the most recent Muppet movie from Netflix and I think that sounds like fun. Also the Olympics start. Am I going to be the  only one  holding my rosary and rocking back and forth for the next two weeks?

But come on! Who is really ready for the Olympics to start? Remember the Greeks outing? Nightmare! But it was okay and the Chinese - Okay bad example, they had  billion workers and an Autocratic government, they were done, early, under budget and at attention. Still way, way out in front in the best display ever of monolithic statehood at the opening ceremony. Message : Yes, we did kill a lot of our people. Listen to the drums  now. PS. Fuck you."

I don't really know if they were early or under budget but like they would tell us anyway. I bet the toilets worked though and they would absolutely never admit that 1) They had cameras in the bathrooms or that 2) the cameras in the bathrooms were of any use at all. The communists  are all over the board now aren't they? Do you think the Chinese are all "Well, everyone thought we were rigid and scary but at least we had the International Village finished before they got here" or "We didn't have terrorists,  that doesn't happen to us. Um, why? we're CHINA." They just don't make autocratic dictatorships the way they used to.

 The Opening Ceremony Message:   What will the Russians say about their past? or will they without shame just trot it  all out under a banner : YOU WERE AFRAID OF US  Or will it be endless repetitions of Back in the USSR, even though there is no such place now. Will they illustrate how they felt spending the last few years carrying a flag into the stadiums marked "Coming Soon"? That's going to be interesting. What will they say about the Communism? Gulags? The Five Year Plans, the  purges, Stalin, Khrushchev? Perestroika? Russia has a whole lot of history, what  was done to it and what they did to themselves, most of it with its own people bloody, starving and in chains.

Will there be miniature Giraffes? Will Putin ride into the stadium shirtless and wearing ass less chaps astride a lion? Will they feed a homosexual to the lion?  Will they think this is okay? Will they care?

Maybe there will be a thousand women dressed like  Anna Karenina? a thousand simultaneous productions of The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya  airblown Frozen Palaces - Maybe we shouldn't talk about Palaces... Is there any part of Russian History that doesn't end up with slaughter?

How excited do you think the Germans are to be going back to Russia? Not a lot of good memories there, the Finnish?  Maybe we are all too young now.

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