Monday, February 10, 2014

Opening Himamony

Another full and exciting weekend!

Saturday Rocket and drove out beyond the beyond to run through tunnels at a agility ring. We hadn't been  real ring before one before and I didn't know what to expect, everyone else and their little dogs knew what they were doing. They wanted me to "walk" the course before we went out there, I didn't know what this meant, I had to leave the ring to go get a map and then I didn't catch that the little numbers at the beginning of the tunnels were supposed to mean something to us. They meant that this was the order you were supposed to run through them. Duh. Rocket ran through all of them no sweat, in the wrong order, going through the wrong end. But he did it without stopping and without messing around. We have our first class this Wednesday.

I skipped First Fridays to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. They were nice, I really liked the dove dancers at the end, that was impressive - but the rest of it was a exercise in propaganda. I wasn't impressed. China was impressive, also an exercise in propaganda, because that is what an opening ceremony is. I think it has something to do with the tone, you can say : This us, this is who and what we are. We are this - and do it without shame. The Chinese said "Hey, there is a billion of us. We have history beyond your knowing. We are communists.". They weren't ashamed or trying to pretend they didn't kill millions, they didn't lie about, they just didn't mention it. The Russians seemed dedicated to pretending they did not and that was the failure. I should not see you lying.

The Russians mistake was telling their history through Putins' eyes, changing History to fit History.

I also feel sadly, disengaged. I just had to pull myself away from Bad Ink , a show about correcting bad tattoos - like I care! To watch Ladies Figure Skating, which I do care about every four years. But I'm not feeling it and I feel bad about it.

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