Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finding Spudo

Getting the spuds in he ground was the easy part. Before they could be planted I had to find them . I knew they were somewhere in the house, but the last place I remembered seeing them was in the back of the car.

So I checked the back of the car. No spuds. I looked in the basement, surely, I would have stored them here in long term storage paradise, its dark, its dry and its the text book location for spud storage. It wasn't where I put them. I think about the time I scored the spuds that the basement was flooding and I wouldn't have wanted them down in that even temporarily murky, humid hell hole. Neither the basement and I were not in a good place at the time.

I searched on. How about one of the closets? The hallway closet is a nice place - but its full of very happy sheets. The bathroom closet might have been an option but I think I rejected it because of the frequent showers and I was afraid the on and off humidity wouldn't be good for spud storage.

I moved upstairs, could they be that easy to find? Did I put them under the bed? The cat does spend a lot of time there, so maybe I rejected that idea and too much for the cat to resists. I don't think cats like spuds, but you never now, Ace carries grudges. I know the bags were paper and that would have been a turn off for him - he's a plastic man himself but he's been known to get curious about perhaps the chances for hidden plastic. So I kept on.

How about the attic? Too cold. A good choice, really, but I didn't go that way. Too easy.

I checked the basement again, could I have moved them there at some point? It could happen. I had absolutely no memory of where I put them and that could be because they got shifted around frequently. But would I do that? Wander around the house with bags of seed potatoes? Don't even I have more to do that that? I would hope so.

I was getting really annoyed with me.

Back to the basement, back to the car, searched the closet  again . Poked around the downstairs bedroom. Decided to really search the back of the car, then do a more through check of the basement. I was burning day light here and I had officially spent more time trying to find them then I did digging the potaotoannis trench in the yard.

Exhausting the possibilitys of the places they were not, I went back to the bed room and looked under the bed. Safe, kept cool but not cold, unmolested by the animals, forgotten by me.


It took no time to get them put to bed and tucked into tubs and then I went back inside to bang my head into the wall.

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