Monday, July 17, 2017

Willie Nelson in Raleigh. July 10, 2017

My Mother and I went to our second annual concert on Friday. This year we saw Willie Nelson! We did not get tee shirts because they were $50. They were not made of gold and Willie did not come home with you if you bought one.

Willie is  is 84 years old. He does  a one act play of a concert, he comes out, does all his hits and then He Is Done. The lights go up, the set is getting taken down and they are on their way to the next gig. I'm sure Mr. Nelson is already asleep in the bus by the time the first concert goer is back to their car.

He puts on a great show though, he doesn't have the voice he did back in the day but what 84 year old does? For real? in concert? without a lot of  technical correction. He is honest about it, he wasn't lip sinking or using backing tracks, it was him and his voice, his 84 year old voice.

Despite the fact there was a group of DOUCHEBAGS blocking my and everyone else behind them view of the stage

We had a great view of their asses. So here is a picture of their asses.

We were not there to look at their asses, we were there to see Willie Nelson. Here are pictures of Willie. And you will notice, like any diva, he has multiple costume changes.

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