Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sick Puppy

And so Rocket as a bad case of the trots. And is kind of my fault. He was just fine and didn't have any problems and then for his birthday I got him a pupcake and a dog cookie and apparently, this was not good for him. He can have either a pupcake or a cookie but his system can't handle both.

He hasn't been the same since.

He's been really sick since last Thursday. I had a couple of probiotics left from the last time this happened, but those ran out. I was left with pumpkin and cheese to try to heal him up DIY style but those really didn't work. I finally bought some rice after I put him back on his food prematurely .

In the meantime, he's eating and drinking and voiding normally, I mean, he has the trots, he's voiding a lot. He is drinking a lot, do I don't think he's getting dehydrated or anything. He is still excited about eating but he does seem a little like he doesn't feel great.

He messed on my floor this afternoon.  I had hoped to prevent accidents like this by coming home for lunch, it didn't work. He has never messed on my floor, ever, not when he was a tiny puppy, not the last time he had the trots, he is really not a happy dog. This evening I made some nice rice ( I had to really remember how to make rice! I haven't made rice in years!) and I'm going to add some probiotics  to it for his breakfast and hope for the best. I'm going to come home for lunch again. But I am going to really hope that this rice and probiotics are going to help keep him plugged up. I think I am also going to call the vet if he doesn't get better by Wednesday because once I have exhausted my home remedies (fasting, pumpkin, cheese, probiotics, rice) it becomes my responsibility to give up and call the doctor, the dog has insurance for a reason.

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