Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Still Sick Puppy

I have to come home at lunch to take the dog out so he doesn't have accidents on my floor. It is a lot less fun to clean up diarrhea then pee. A lot. I also think hardwood floors find it a lot less fun . That makes it worth it to come home at lunch instead of running errands and instead spending my evening doing them instead.

So until the storm passes, I have to come home for lunch. The storm has until Wednesday to pass because I am calling the vet. I am over the storm and the dog is too. I can't walk him with this happening because you can't just bag up this kind of mess. I won't go into to it. I need to walk everyday and so does he, the exerbike is okay but it isn't the same.

Today, when I would have been walking him, I went shopping for him instead. I knew I was going to Big Lots because I thought I could get rice there and my green tea - I was on a mission to avoid Wally, I knew I was going to Food Lion, but I thought I could get rice cheaper at Big Lots and I love Big Lots.

 My first stop was the Lowes, I wanted to get the dog more pumpkin because pumpkin is the dogs friend - I am aware that it just covers up the symptom, but right now covering up the symptom makes me HAPPY so screw you. I bought very nice canned pumpkin for him so he would have very nice, totally pure canned pumpkin. That was stop one, then I went to Big Lots, There was no rice at Big Lots, but there were dog bags and a smaller than planned box of  green tea. That was stop two.

I knew I still needed apples, so that meant Food Lion so I went by Food Lion and picked up some very nice apples and a large bag of rice. That was stop three.

And then I came home and watched Bob The Drag Queens stand up special. It was funny, not exceptional, but he is good at it and it was funny, he has a future.

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